Sex Swing Door Mounts Released!

Screamer is excited to announce the door mount attachments.

place door kit on doorWhile the product itself does not look that exciting, what it can do for sex swing users is pretty important. This was designed at the request of our users that were looking for taking their swing on the road with them and for those looking for unique mounting points.

One of the most common questions we get is from people with concrete ceilings. If you live in something like an industrial loft, mounting a swing in a ceiling is not important. So a common solution for this is to install a swing in the hallway. With the door mount you can use doors as mounting points for your swing and in an industrial loft you can use a wall hook directly across the hallway and then hang some type of industrial art from the hook when it is not in use.

For taking your sex swing on the road, you can just take one primary strap and your stirrups from your sex swing and make it into a door swing. This is a great solution for those wanting to bring their swing to hotels or condos.

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