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Use the door mount attachment to convert your Screamer dual hook or single hook to a door swing and take it with you on your vacation. Additionally, the door mount attachment may be used as a mounting point for your dual hook swing.

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Create a Door Swing

Using the door mount attachment, take a one main strap and the stirrups from your single or dual hook Screamer Sex Swing and attach them to the door mounts. Take your new door swing on the road. Great for hotels!

Use as a Mounting Point

The door mounting attachments can be used as a mounting point for a dual hook swing.


  • if you have 2 doors in your hallway that are across from each other, you can hand a door mount from each door and install your swing.
  • if you have one door you can install a door mount and install a hook on the opposite wall. Hand a picture on the hook when the swing is not in use.

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5 value-5"
gina nav****
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2021-04-08 13:23:36 so I originaly got a sex swing and mounted it on the ceiling , well i wasnt comforabtable with it my own insecurities , felt like i was going ot being the ceiling down LOL , it didnt happen but i was afraid , we used it once it was fun but then i found this to change it to a door swing I havnt used it yet But I Know its going to be amazing, If you havnt got one they are fun puts a little excitment in your bedroom shenanigans
2 years ago So glad to hear you are enjoying your swing, With any new product it takes a minute to get completely comfortable.
4 value-4"
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2019-10-11 21:22:23 These are fine. They do what they are supposed to. Nothing to write home about.
3 years ago