Using Squatting Attachments

The squatting attachment is designed to work as an add on to the single hook swing, the dual hook swing and the sex sling.

Set Up

  1. Remove all of the straps from the swing. Leave the chain sets hanging from your mounting points.
  2. Connect the squatting attachments to the bottom of the chain kit. For a single hook connect 1 to each side of the spreader bar. For a dual hook connect one to each chain set.
  3. Attach your stirrups to the bottom of the squatting attachments.
  4. Attach your handles to a point on the chain kit above the squatting attachments.
Squatting Sex Attachment


There are no set rules on how you must use your squatting attachment, but as a good starting point, stand next to your stirrups and adjust them so the bottom of the stirrup is about even with your knees. You can raise or lower the stirrup using the adjuster on the stirrup.

Depending on your set up and mounting points, if the stirrup will no go high enough with the adjustment on the stirrup strap, it may be required to make adjustments in the chain length on the chain set.  Find the “quick link” located between the spring and the chain. To shorten the chain, connect this quick link to a spot in the middle of the chain, or even remove the chain completely.


The most basic use for the squatting attachment is to squat over your partner. To do this, have the person on top put their legs through the stirrups and slide them all the way to their upper thighs. This will provide about 70 pounds of lift. The person on the bottom simply lays underneath and enjoys. Having the stirrups closer to your knees will greatly reduce the lifting force. Higher on your hips will provide more lift.

Standing Sex

Another popular use of the squatting attachments is standing sex. It is a popular fantasy to stand up and lift up your wife and have sex like in the movies.

Other Swing Brands

The Screamer Squatting Attachments can be used with other brands of swings as well if that swing included removeable stirrup straps. These attachements are just an attachment and do not include required parts such as handles and stirrups. You will need to uses these parts from your sex swing.

Using the squatting attachments with different brand swings