The World’s Best Selling Swing.

The World’s Best Selling Swing.

Experience joys you never imagined with our premium dual hook sex swing. Designed with a focus on comfort and safety to give you the comfort you need while you are enjoying the time of your life.

The versatile design of this swing allows for a range of accessories and mounting options making it the most flexible swing you can buy. Learn what you can do with a Screamer Swing or Shop our store

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couple using a single hook screamer swing

Screamer Twist

Add Some Spin.

  • Single Hook
  • Swivel
  • 22 Inch Spread

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Door Swing

Portable Fun.

  • Install Anywhere
  • Primary Strap
  • Against The Wall Fantasy

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showing how to use the screamer door sex swing
Sex Swing Accessories

Screamer Accessories

Add More Adventure.

  • Squatting Sex
  • Bondage Restraints
  • Mounting Hardware

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“My wife and I are no strangers to buying toys or items for sexual enhancement, but the screamer swing is far the most enjoyable item purchased. From the first test run my timid wife has looked forward to using it as much as possible. The positions, comfort and stability are the only adjectives I can use without going into private details. Well worth the purchase!”

Jeffery H.