Sex Swing Safety Tips

Over the years, marketers have got their hands on sex swings and somehow forgot the difference between safety features and things that are just fun.

Sex Swing Spring

I am talking about the spring. If you read the recommendations from a lot of sex swing manufacturers, you will see that they recommend removing the spring from your swing if you are over a certain weight. This is a highly dangerous idea, and we strongly recommend against this.

In the beginning, the spring was put there by the designers and engineers to add dampening to reduce the shock force on the point where you mount the swing.

Without getting into the technical science stuff, look at everything in your life that moves. There is always some spring, shock or rubber puck to add dampening that helps prevent fatigue and eventual failure. This could range from things like springs that hold your laundry tub in place, the rubber puck where your ceiling fan goes into the ceiling or why all things like bikes have rubber tires rather than wood or steel tires.

Over time, marketers wanting to sell sex swings were more worried about fun than safety. So they started talking about the springs adding bounce for more excitement. Once they started talking about all the fun that the spring can provide, they forgot the original purpose. Since the spring only supports a given weight, they then decided just to remove them if you exceed that weight. That is a bad idea.

I have known personally of girls weighing only 95 pounds using a different brand of sex sling, albeit like a crazy woman, for a couple of hours and breaking a sex swing stand that was designed for several hundred pounds. When I asked her about the springs, she said the box said she did not need them, so she did not use them.

So never use your swing without the spring. Additionally, all Screamer Swings come with a special kind of spring called a drawbar spring. Other brands of swings come with an extension spring that stretches when you put a load on it. They have a load limit of something around 200 pounds, and then you risk damage to the spring if you overload it.

The drawbar spring that ships with a Screamer swing has a higher weight limit of 300 pounds. On top of that, a drawbar spring does not “stretch,” it “compresses.” This means that in the event the spring is overloaded it will not damage the spring, it will just “bottom out.” This is a much safer alternative to the extension springs.

So whatever your choice when buying a swing, just make sure you use the spring, or you just might end up on the floor.

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