Single Hook Sex Swing Installation

Installation requires a single mounting point. If you do not have a mounting point, please look at our mounting point guide for some suggestions. Make sure that your point is secure.

Once you have installed your mounting point, you can install the spring and chain assembly and the overhead bar. Depending on your ceiling height the additional chain may not be required.

There are 6 straps included with the Screamer Swing.

2 Main straps
2 Stirrups
2 Handles

Screamer Single Hook with girl

For basic usage, connect each main strap to each side of the overhead bar. These will be used for your seat and back.

Next, you can attach the handles and stirrups wherever you want. You can attach them very high such as your mounting point or very low such as on the bar or even the swing.


There are no real rules with this swing. There are different positions where extra straps may be in the way and in these cases you can just remove them, or attach straps in different ways to see the needs of your positions. Get creative, try different things, and have fun with it.