Dual Hook Sex Swing Installation

The dual hook sex swing will require two mounting points. If you do not already have 2 mounting points, see the mounting point instructions.

Swing Width

Dual Hook Sex Swing InstallationThe dual hook sex swing is a variable width swing. This means you can make it wider or narrower depending on your needs. For people with larger hips, a wider swing will be more comfortable. We recommend a width of about 24 to 36 inches. Wider than that will put unneeded stress on all of the hardware and your mounting points. Narrower than that range may make the swing feel too narrow or pinch your hips.

If you are mounting your swing in your ceiling parallel to your joists, you will have both hooks in the same joist. This will allow you to have many different widths.

If you are mounting your swing perpendicular to your ceiling joists, your width options will be limited by your ceiling joist spacing. For example, if your ceiling joists are 16 inches apart, you will need to mount your swing with the hooks 32 inches apart so you can screw into the center of each ceiling joist.

Setting Up Your Screamer Dual Hook

Once you have your two mounting points, attach one chain from the chain kit to each hook. If you have a tall ceiling, additional length may be needed. This can be purchased from us, or you can purchase it at your local home improvement store for a couple of dollars. We recommend you ask for “2/0 passing link chain” and they will cut it for you.

There are two primary straps. Attach one side of the longest strap to each of the chain kits. Next, repeat this with the shorter strap.

Handles and stirrups can clip to any point on the swing or chain hardware depending on your needs.