Micro-suede Sex Sling



The sex sling is the most comfortable option in the Screamer family. This is an ideal product for those seeking comfort, bondage or those that have disabilities.

  • Micro-suede and machine washable.
  • Comfortable for even long term use.
  • Include Stirrups and Handles
  • Requires 4 mounting points
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NOTE: Springs and Chains INCLUDE
The ultra soft Micro-suede Sex Sling is a 4 point mounted sex sling. The micro-suede gives it a soft smooth feel that is completely washable and not sticky on your bare skin. The sex sling includes our “mount anywhere” handles and stirrup straps. *Chains and Springs Included*. Yes we actually include the chains and mounting hardware!

The Screamer Sex Sling is by far our best seller. We know people are looking for slings that they will not “stick” in, like what happens with vinyl and leather. Because we use a micro-suede you have ultimate comfort and can relax and enjoy the experience.

Having a 4 point mounting system also allows for  full adjustment to width (always secure your swing into studs in your ceiling and follow the mounting guidelines of the system you use).

Our “mount anywhere” handles and stirrups allow you to clip and adjust both sets of straps for positions you wish. Do you want your legs up high? No problem, Screamer Sex Slings have you covered!

  • Made in the USA
  • Soft and non-sticking micro-suede
  • Washable
  • 4 point mounting location
  • Total 28 inches wide and 38 inches long
  • Handles with comfort glide
  • Stirrups for feet, legs or thighs
  • Fully adjustable handles and stirrups
  • Easy to adjust
  • Come with chain

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Weight 11 lbs


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5 value-5"
Buyer Verified by
2022-09-26 02:01:06 Well constructed and works very well. We love it!
1 month ago

SexSwing.com: Glad to hear you are enjoying your sling, If you ever decide you want something with more options for positions check out the screamer dual hook.
5 value-5"
Buyer Verified by
2022-05-16 04:51:25 Very nice!! Comfortable material, easy to adjust and very sturdy.
6 months ago

4 value-4"
Tracy Go****
Buyer Verified by
2022-01-31 15:35:12 Love it ! Seems pretty durable. I like the machine wash ability.
9 months ago

5 value-5"
Buyer Verified by
2022-01-02 22:49:47 Absolutely amazing. Bought it as a gift for my wife. We love it.
10 months ago

5 value-5"
Robert Nez****
Buyer Verified by
2021-09-21 19:11:40 It is great and enhances the depth and creativity of the intimate relationship.
1 year ago

5 value-5"
Buyer Verified by
2018-05-30 17:10:23 Have only used once each for both of us. Comfortable, easy set up, both of us enjoyed it.
4 years ago

5 value-5"
Buyer Verified by
2017-12-29 03:32:23 My wife and I loved the sex sling, good times. We were looking for something to make the bedroom a little more fun. We hid the hooks in our walk in closet to be a little more discreet.
4 years ago

5 value-5"
Buyer Verified by
2017-06-26 21:14:59 This Sling is a quality device. I'm a large guy, and it was SO comfortable I truly feel anyone of any size could use it comfortably.
65 months ago