Sex Sling Installation

Mounting Points

sling length install Sex Sling Install WidthThe Screamer Sex Sling requires 4 mounting points. If you are unsure about mounting points, please consult our mounting point guide or hire a contractor. The dimensions of the hooks should be  38 to 48 inches wide. The length should be 40 to 50 inches long.

Depending on your ceiling joists, one of the 2 directions will have the size determined by the spacing of your joists. For example if your joist are spaced at 24 inches, you will have width of 48 inches.


Once the pointing points are installed, install one chain set on each of the 4 mounting points.

Install the sling with one corner to each chain kit. The side with the black webbing along the edge is the bottom of the seat. The corner webbing comes off of the top side of the sling.

Attach stirrups and handles to any place on the chain hardware based on your comfort and style.