You asked for it, We delivered it!

We hear it all the time. The biggest problem with sex swings is that they give you a sore neck. Swings are great fun… BUT… you can just not get comfortable for more then a couple minutes.

Well today we are introducing the Universal Head Rest for all sex swing! What? Not just Screamer brand swings?


The thing is that this issue of comfort give swings a bad name sometimes. One bad experience with a swing and you may never try another… not even a Screamer. So we have decided to solve this problem once and for all. It does not matter what brand swing you currently have or are purchasing, the head rest attachment will work for you.

This strap have 14 inches of padding for behind your head and can attach to any swing. It is fully adjustable so it will work in all the positions from reclining to sitting upright.

Now how is that for listening to our customers!