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Over the door Madam Ang swing is perfect for anyone who is looking for a starter swing or those who travel. It comes with a seat, stirrups, handles and over the door attachment.

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Our over the door sex swing is perfect for anyone who travels or wants a compact swing. It has a strap for your butt, handles, stirrups and door mounts. The door mounts simply sit in your door frame and you attach the swing to the mounts. This is really popular with couples who travel or live in apartments or rentals.

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4 value-4"
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2022-03-20 01:37:09 Didn’t include the free head rest, or a way to attach the over the door pieces to the actual swing, or instructions. Ended up getting a pull up bar and hanging the swing from it.
1 year ago Did you try to contact us through our website? If an order is missing anything or has any difective part we will replace or resend that ASAP! As for the headrest door swings do not come with a headrest becuase your back goes to the door no need for a headrest.
4 value-4"
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2017-08-31 23:15:04 Amazing! Orgasms for days!!!! Highly recommend.
78 months ago