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  • Sex Swing Safety Tips

    Over the years, marketers have got their hands on sex swings and somehow forgot the difference between safety features and things that are just fun.

    I am talking about the spring. If you read the recommendations from a lot of sex swing manufacturers, you will see that they recommend removing the spring from your swing if you are over a certain weight. This is a highly dangerous idea, and we

  • Screamer Sex Swings is Hiring!

    Have you ever dreamed of being paid to use sex toys? Well, we may have the perfect job for you. Screamer Sex Swings is seeking and individual or a couple to help act as a spokesperson for our company. The person we are seeking will be responsible for educating people on proper use all of the Screamer Products as well as testing out future products that we are developing.


  • Free Worldwide Shipping!

    For a limited time, Screamer Sex Swings is introducing free worldwide shipping on all sex swings and accessories. This is a great chance for people all over the world to experience the best sex swings available.

    All orders will ship out US Post Office Priority mail and may take 7-30 days to arrive depending on the individual country and the customs clearance. In addition, you will be responsible for any

  • Valentine’s 2015 Coupon Code

    Love is in the air! We feel it over here at Screamer Sex Swings!

    That is why we are offering this fantastic deal for this season of LOVE!

    15% off your total purchase order. We want you to enjoy the season of love and Valentine’s Day with your special honey!

    Coupon Code: vday2015

  • Sex Swing Door Mounts Released!

    Screamer is excited to announce the door mount attachments.

    place door kit on doorWhile the product itself does not look that exciting, what it can do for sex swing users is pretty important. This was designed at the request of our users that were looking for taking their swing on the road with them and for those looking

  • Total Discreet Shipping

    Keeping your swing purchase discrete is very important to us. Nobody wants to get a box in the mail and have their kids open it up and see this.

    Sex Swing BoxSo at Screamer, we have our Total Discrete Shipping Policy.

    1. All items shipped by or drop shipped by Screamer will ship in a plain brown box.
</div></div></li><li class=Setting Up a Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

    Setting up your Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing is very simple. Below is a video on how you can set up the straps once you have your mounting points set.

    Set the Mounting Points

    Before you can set up your sex swing, you need to have hooks to install it in. The two most common options for mounting points are ceiling hooks or a sex swing stand. If you are purchasing

  • You asked for it, We delivered it!

    We hear it all the time. The biggest problem with sex swings is that they give you a sore neck. Swings are great fun… BUT… you can just not get comfortable for more then a couple minutes.

    Well today we are introducing the Universal Head Rest for all sex swing! What? Not just Screamer brand swings?


    The thing is that this issue of comfort give swings a bad name sometimes. One

  • Significant Comfort Upgrade

    Starting today, all new Screamer single and dual hook sex swings will be shipping with 4 inch webbing for the butt and back straps!!! Why is this a big deals? Well pretty much every sex swing on the market is made using 2 inch webbing with some padding and we felt this made many of these swings uncomfortable. So we changed it. We moved all the webbing to 4

  • Shipping

    Free shipping to all US addresses. Most items will ship within 3 to 5 business days of order. Free shipping will be by a carrier of Screamer’s choosing. There is no express or over night shipping options. All shipping is standard ground free shipping.

    InternationalYes we offer international shipping for a flat fee of $30 for all swing orders. There are some items, such as stands, that due to package