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  1. This is a like living a fantasy. There is nothing like having your girl put on some heels, get in the squatting attachment and watching her lower herself onto you… and then ride you like there is no tomorrow!

  2. I am not big into bondage. Just learning. But this is pretty straight forward and a good place to start exploring.

  3. I am going to be buying the dual hook swing.
    How far apart should I mount the Ceiling mounts?


    • admin

      The width can vary. My wife prefers about 34-36 inches apart. A little wider seems to be more comfortable for many people. For comparison, most single hook swings, the bar is about 22 inches wide. So 34-36 is pretty wide. Also, depending on the direction of your ceiling joists, you may have your options limited by the spacing. For example if your ceiling is 24 inch on center, then you are left with 24 or 48 inches. If your ceiling is 16 inches on center then you can get 32 inches or 48 inches. If you put your swing in the same direction the joists run, you can use any width.