Long Time Coming

Well it has been a long time coming, but the Screamer is finally on its way. Due to launch in March of 2013, the Screamer will be the greatest and most innovative sex swings on the market. Now since this product has not yet been released, I can not share too much information, but here are just a few of the great features that this swing will have.

Versatility. Redesigned strap configurations allow for more flexibility new positions.
Comfort. A lot of time has gone into improving the comfort of the seat for a standard sex swing.
Flexibility. The swing is designed with features that allow it to be used at home and on the road easily.
Size. The new Screamer is designed to take up less space in storage making it easier to hide.
Style. The modern industrial look of the new Screamer sex swings gives a great look and feel.
Strength. The Screamer Sex Swing is made only with Steel Parts rather then plastic buckles.
Fun. The Screamer is designed to be the most fun you have had out of your bed in a long time.

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