Screamer Sex Swings is Hiring!

Have you ever dreamed of being paid to use sex toys? Well, we may have the perfect job for you. Screamer Sex Swings is seeking and individual or a couple to help act as a spokesperson for our company. The person we are seeking will be responsible for educating people on proper use all of the Screamer Products as well as testing out future products that we are developing.

The right candidates will live in a location where they can safely mount sex swings. They would be well articulated and have a good presents on camera. This job does not include any nudity or sex, this is simply a position to talk about the products. We would love to have someone with a lot of personality.

Initially, this position is a part time job, but the role the candidates plays in our company could be expanded.

So if you love sex toys and are not afraid to talk about sex swings, you may be our person.

Just contact us through our website and we will get you started with an application.

Sex Swing Door Mounts Released!

Screamer is excited to announce the door mount attachments.

place door kit on doorWhile the product itself does not look that exciting, what it can do for sex swing users is pretty important. This was designed at the request of our users that were looking for taking their swing on the road with them and for those looking for unique mounting points.

One of the most common questions we get is from people with concrete ceilings. If you live in something like an industrial loft, mounting a swing in a ceiling is not important. So a common solution for this is to install a swing in the hallway. With the door mount you can use doors as mounting points for your swing and in an industrial loft you can use a wall hook directly across the hallway and then hang some type of industrial art from the hook when it is not in use.

For taking your sex swing on the road, you can just take one primary strap and your stirrups from your sex swing and make it into a door swing. This is a great solution for those wanting to bring their swing to hotels or condos.

You asked for it, We delivered it!

We hear it all the time. The biggest problem with sex swings is that they give you a sore neck. Swings are great fun… BUT… you can just not get comfortable for more then a couple minutes.

Well today we are introducing the Universal Head Rest for all sex swing! What? Not just Screamer brand swings?


The thing is that this issue of comfort give swings a bad name sometimes. One bad experience with a swing and you may never try another… not even a Screamer. So we have decided to solve this problem once and for all. It does not matter what brand swing you currently have or are purchasing, the head rest attachment will work for you.

This strap have 14 inches of padding for behind your head and can attach to any swing. It is fully adjustable so it will work in all the positions from reclining to sitting upright.

Now how is that for listening to our customers!

Significant Comfort Upgrade

Starting today, all new Screamer single and dual hook sex swings will be shipping with 4 inch webbing for the butt and back straps!!! Why is this a big deals? Well pretty much every sex swing on the market is made using 2 inch webbing with some padding and we felt this made many of these swings uncomfortable. So we changed it. We moved all the webbing to 4 inches and this helped to displace weight better and make if extremely comfortable. For a comparison, this change makes the seats on Screamer Sex Swings as wide as many playground swings rather then as wide as the side of a 2 by 4. The difference is amazing!

Screamer Photos

Screamer Photoshoot PreviewYesterday we had the first official photo shoot for the Screamer Sex Swing. We have a lot more planned in the future, but it was great to get the first one out of the way. I want to thank all our models and our photographer! You guys ROCK! Without great photos, nobody will ever know how great the product is.

The best thing is that all of our models wanted product samples once they left. Both couples loved the sling styles swing, and one of them was very excited by the soon to be release squatting attachment. With a huge grin, she stated “That thing is fun!”. Well I can imagine she will enjoy it a lot more without all the people and lights. I will be sending her one very soon.

So keep checking back as we add more and more images to our site and start to distribute more images to our other retailers. This was a very fun and exciting trip!

Moving Closer to Something Special

Yesterday was a very successful day in our march towards releasing the greatest sex swings every seen. We tested 2 different prototype items and they worked flawlessly. Both of these ideas are going to be both patentable and incredibly enjoyable. Now I can not say too much yet, but the first idea will bring sex swings to the masses making it easier for everyone to enjoy them. The second is design to bring new sexual pleasures to your life in a way no other sex swing or sex toy in general has ever done before.

This is a very exciting time around here. Stay tuned for our official launch date!