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Single Hook$229

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  • Screamer Single Hook with girl
  • 250 Pound Weight Limit (115 kg)
  • 1 Mounting Point
  • Many Positions
  • Width: 24″ (61cm)
  • 4 Inch Straps (10cm)
  • Attachments: Headrest, Squatting, Door Kit


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  • Sex Sling Side View
  • 300 Pound Weight Limit (135 kg)
  • 4 Mounting Points
  • Limited Positions
  • Width: Variable
  • 28″ X 38″ (71cm X 96cm)
  • Attachments:

Door Swing$99

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  • Screamer Single Hook with girl
  • 200 Pound Weight Limit (90 kg)
  • Mounts Over Door
  • Few Positions
  • Width: Variable
  • 4 Inch Strap (10cm)
  • Attachments:

Choosing a Sex Swing

There are a number of great choice when it comes to purchasing a Screamer, but how do you find the one that works the best for you. Let these questions help guide your choices.

Are you looking for the most comfort?

While all the Screamer products are designed to be as comfortable as possible, the sex sling is the most comfortable choice. A sling is like a hammock that cradles you and this is something you could take a nap in! If you want a swing, the dual hook will be more comfortable because of the wider width that you can set when setting it up.

Are you looking for the most adventure?

If you are looking for adventure, the single hook or the dual hook swings are the way to go. As sex swing will have the most positions that you can do while a sex sling will have the least. A door swing will fall somewhere in the middle.

Are you looking for easy installation?

A door swing is the easiest to install because it only requires a door and no mounting points. A single hook requires one mounting point, a dual hook requires two and a sling requires four mounting points.

Are you looking for a good swing for plus size users?

For plus size users, a dual hook swing or a sling is the best option. A dual hook swing and sling can have wider widths that can make it more comfortable. That plus the fact that they have more mounting points to spread weight make them the safest option.

Are you looking for the best of everything?

A popular option to save some money and get everything is to purchase a dual hook swing, a sling attachment and two extra chain sets. This allows you to use the hardware, stirrups and handles from your dual hook swing and the sling attachment to convert it to a sling so you can have both for a reduced cost.

Are you looking for something to travel with?

A door swing is the best swing for travel. An additional option is to purchase door mounts and a single hook or a dual hook swing. Then when you travel you can take your swing straps and use the door mounts thus effectively giving you both a swing and a door swing.