The Screamer Sex Swing comes with a number of mounting systems. Like all choices, each has its pros and cons. Use this chart below to select the best option for your usage. If more than one mounting system sound good to you, you can also purchase additional mounting kits separately  So you can purchase a 2 hook ceiling mount swing for your bedroom and then an additional “over the door” mount to take with you on vacation.

  Screamer Single Hook with girl Dual Hook Sex Swing Demo Sex Sling Side View
1 Hook Ceiling Mount 2 Hook Ceiling Mount Sex Sling
Weight Limit 250 pounds 500 pounds 350 Pound
Description The single hook ceiling mount is the most traditional sex swing mount and it supports the most options. The most important thing with a single hook swing is making sure that you install the hook properly to ensure safety.  The 2 hook ceiling mount has 2 hooks to attach either side of the swing. This greatly increases the weight limit while also lowering the risk of injury from the falling mounting system in the event you do not install the swing properly or exceed the weight limits. The Sex Sling has 4 mounting hooks and is the most comfortable and safest swing and is made from microsuede fabric and washable.
Available Attachments None
  • Higher weight limit than door swings
  • Only 1 hook to hide in ceiling
  • Cross bar that can be used as a handle
  • Allows spinning
  • Higher Weight Limit
  • Can be installed to make swing wider
  • Lower cost
  • High Weight Limit
  • Very Comfortable
  • More cost than some other mounts
  • Hook can not be removed
  • Lower weight limit than 2 hook mount
  • 2 hooks to hide – can not be removed
  • Must be screwed into ceiling
  • No cross bar to hold on to
  • Can not be spinning
  • Limited Positions
  • 4 ceiling hooks
Prices $229  $189 $239
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