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Holiday Spice Up Your Life Sale!

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing
Huge savings on your sex swing with our Spice Up Your Life Sale on our most popular sex swing! With the Holiday season upon us, holiday spice is all the rage. But why add spice to your coffee or your pastries, when you can add some real spice to your love life. Now is your chance to make your Christmas extra special with our Holiday Spice Up Your Life Sale!

Add adventure for your sex life with our most popular sex swing option. The Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing was designed to maximize comfort and safety making it the “go to” sex swing for those seeking the most enjoyable sexual experience.

  • 4 Inch Straps for Comfort
  • Dual Hooks for Safety and Comfort
  • All Metal Hardware
  • Works With Popular Attachments
$159 + FREE Worldwide Shipping*
Screamer Sex Swing Slide Show 1

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What Our Fans Say

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“I bought this for my anniversary. Best night ever. My husband will never forget our 5th.”
Amber R.
United Kingdom
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“I love the dual hook! It was very comfortable and a lot of fun. This is an A+++.”
Tom P.
United States
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“My wife was scared to use it… at first. Now she is glad she did.”
Jason R.
United States

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Screamer Sling – $239

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The Screamer Sex Swing Advantage

Screamer Sex Swings have been designed from the ground up with the goal of giving you the best sex experience of your life. Here are just a few of the things that take Screamer swings to the next level.
Dual Hook Option

Dual Hook SwingThe dual hook sex swing that was pioneered by Screamer has a couple of significant advantages over its single hook counterparts.Comfort – By having two separate hooks, you can space them out wider than the width of a single hook sex swing. This adds a great deal of comfort to the swing especially for those with big hips.
Satety – All sex swings are very safe. When looking at all the parts of the sex swing, each has a fairly high weight limit. The single weakest point in a sex swing is where it is actually mounted to your ceiling. By having a dual hook swing, the weight of the swing is divided between two points and thus lowering the weight on each point. Additionally, in the event of mounting point failure, a dual hook swing does not have a heavy spreader bar over your head that can fall and cause injury.

Wider Straps

4 inch straps on all swingsAll Screamer brand swings are built with 4 inch webbing and padding on the seat straps. This is compared to the industry standard of straps with 2 inches of webbing and 4 inches of padding. Having the extra wide straps provides a much higher level of support and greater weight displacement which significantly lowers the pressure people feel on the back of the legs, thighs, butt and back.

Metal Hardware

All Screamer sex swings and slings are manufactured with all metal hardware. Not only does this add a nice look to the swings, it adds an extra level of safety.

Sex Swing Attachments

Squatting AttachmentScreamer swings have the attachments. Why be limited with a sex swing the way it came out of the box. Attachments allow sex swings to be expanded and increase your fun.
Headrest – The universal headrest is a the most popular attachment. It can be added to any Screamer brand sex swing as well as any other brand of swing.
Squatting Attachment – The squatting attachment allows the ability so squat over your partner with a greatly reduced wait. The squatting attachment and a pair of heels, you can perform moves that are normally reserved for the porn stars.
Door Attachment – The over the door attachment allows you to have unique mounting options for your swing. You can take straps from your single or dual hook swing and make a door swing for use in travel. Or you can use door attachments with your dual hook swing to mount a swing in your hallway with no ceiling hooks.

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